About Us

We help you to Grow, Change and Succeed by releasing the potential of your people. To do this we help define: your purpose beyond profit, your ethos and values to create organisations which are a force for good, protecting and improving people’s working lives and communities.

To achieve this, we co-create an Organisational Development (OD) road map which aligns your business and people goals. We work with you to understand your business drivers, culture and people capabilities. We know how the right behaviours bring about tangible, measurable and lasting results for your business, your stakeholders and  the wider society.

In a complex, uncertain and disruptive world, your leaders need to own the purpose, values and actions of the business. They need to know how behaviour change by them can impact on your people, culture and performance.

Purpose, Principles & Practices

Pelorus understands how your people learn, adapt and grow. Working at an individual, team and company level, we find what hinders people’s growth and suggest ways to release ‘people potential’ and find better ways of working together.

We focus on what your leaders need to know, do and believe to improve the performance of their people and teams.

Delivering a wide range of individual and team learning and development activities, we focus on organisational development and behaviour change. Our holistic and grounded approach impacts on your organisational culture. This helps to create an engaged, motivated workforce.

Pelorus aims to be much more than a place of work.

We are a founding UK B Corporation with a 10-year heritage of client engagement on complex change projects.  We work in partnership with our clients and wider network as a trusted advisor – and sometimes as a challenging – force for change.

We strive to be a happy, healthy and creative company, always seeking the best solutions for clients, doing meaningful and useful work that is important to us.  We also strive to achieve a good work – life balance. We also want our people to achieve their full potential.



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