What would it be like if you could release the potential of your people? How would it feel if your purpose and values were owned by all and your company’s work created meaning? How would it be if your people were motivated and committed to reaching your business goals? Organisational Culture & Behaviour Change, may be the answer.    

We are a independent Organisational Development Consultancy specialising in leadership development,  organisational culture & behaviour change. We work right across your people agenda.

Organisational Culture & Behaviour Change

organisational culture and behaviour change

Here is what we do:

Our approach is to gain insight and understanding of your organisation’s values, purpose and culture. We take time to get below the surface, to see the real operating context of your business.

Forming strong working relationships, built on trust, we work in-line with our values. Calling things as we see them.

Our aim to be your trusted advisor in our specialist field.  Providing you with a strong balance of; input, support and challenge. We’re also told were good fun to work with!

We operate in three main areas:

With individual Leaders.  People have unique strengths and development needs. Our assessment methods identify those needs, providing practical and cost effective solutions.  Our Executive Coaches brings a wealth of business and leadership experience to bear.

With Leadership Teams – This is where Pelorus is best known. We use a range of facilitation, experiential & discovery learning techniques. When built into a Team Programmes they create a powerful impact on what people Know, Do and Believe

Organisational Culture and Behavior Change

Helping leaders understand their impact

Over a period, we work with you to develop high performing team cultures. We help your leaders to understand their impact. How this shapes organisational culture and behaviour change.  Team Leadership & management development programmes also support this culture change.

With Your Organisation – We help you to identify what organisational culture & behaviour change is needed.  We then work with you to develop healthy, happy and productive workplace.

To do this we work with you to identify your primary purpose. Also, your core values the ones that set you apart from your competition. Assisting you to create a culture to motivate and inspire people to grow, adapt and perform. Operating in and outside the UK.

Pelorus works across all sectors with Middle Market to FTSE 250 companies.


How We Work – Our Values

We all share the same core set of beliefs and values. We are serious about developing people, releasing their potential and helping clients to

create healthy, happy and successful workplaces.

Being Ourselves

We bring our full energy, experience and capabilities to bear. Celebrating our strengths, achievements and differences.  Our approach to building  relationships draws out the best in people.

Doing What’s Right

We will only do what is right for you, right for us and right for the community and environment in which we all live and work.

Making a Difference

We focus on adding value in what we do and how we do it; delivering useful, practical solutions, resulting in growth, change and success.