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Conflict under the surface poor teamworking lack of clarity and purpose people aren’t performing well commercial opps being missed deadlines low morale higher turnover of staff loss of talent lack of innovation new products and ideas to take business forward clients not being dealt with effectively need for expansion and new talent how will digital covert resistance to change won’t engage with it easily coping with rapid growth develop management teams at same rate  is culture going to be ready for impact of change ahead are we going to be seen as a dinosaur and passed over who are we going to have to collaborate with are we large enough to survive can we implement changes to make us different from everyone else teamwork and autonomy Ambiguous authority Ambiguous authority Ambiguous authority Under surface conflict Under surface conflict Under surface conflict Under surface conflict Dysfunctional leadership Dysfunctional leadership Dysfunctional leadership Millennial expectations Millennial expectations Millennial expectations Millennial expectations Low morale Low morale Low morale

Ambiguous authority

Hidden hierarchy

Under surface conflict

Lack of clarity and purpose

Dysfunctional leadership dynamic

Covert resistance to digital change

Autonomy balance

Millennial expectations

Increasing client demands

Transparency & accountability

Competition ramping up

Differentiation through expertise

Workforce scaling

New business opportunities development


Lack of resources to deliver new solutions

Misalignment between marketing strategy & business plan

Migration to cloud technology