Reinvigorating professional services firms & partnerships

The success of Professional Services Firms in creating & delivering value hinges upon the balance of:
  • Talent

  • Client opportunity

  • Leadership strategy

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Like you, we’re specialists

Pelorus is an Organisational Development and Leadership Consultancy whose focus is the Professional Services Firm or Partnership.

We invigorate leaders, engage teams and strengthen firms. We equip you to deliver the added value the marketplace now demands. We help you to see and harness the advantages of disruptive change.

We put people at the heart of this process.

Our expertise is rooted in the understanding that every Professional Services Firm (PSF) and Partnership is unique. You are also not the same as other businesses. You are different in your:

  • Structure, organisational culture and management

  • Knowledge-based creation of customised solutions to clients’ problems you deliver

More than any other industry, Professional Services Firms are dependent on the skills, creative innovation and collaboration of their workforce in order to deliver services and solutions to clients.

Experience has taught us that whatever Professional Services Firms need and want to change depends on a single factor: leadership. The leadership required to be on the frontline of today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.




What indicates you would benefit from our help?

Our Professional Services Firm clients come from diverse knowledge-based fields. These include SMEs in accountancy, law, architecture, engineering, chartered surveying, advertising, design, IT and environmental sciences consulting.

  • You come to us at a time in your evolution when you need objective help for moving your business forward. You're aware that your firm has not achieved the balance between structure, culture and leadership style.

  • Working at individual, team and senior team level, we uncover what’s hindering your firm’s performance. We recommend powerful ways to release your people potential and identify better working strategies.

We do this by becoming your trusted independent advisors and by providing you with practical input, strategic support and purposeful challenge.

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Moving a Professional Services Firm forward requires continual building of leadership capacity

Pelorus Consulting has extensive experience of custom-designing and delivering strategic leadership programmes that align with the cultural change needs and commercial priorities of PSFs.

Our Triangulation Process involves our building a three-dimensional understanding of your PSF by engaging with and gathering data from people across your business: your partners, your employees, and your clients. We unpick your operating context and explore your culture. Then we co-design and suggest robust solutions tailored to your needs in close collaboration with your Senior Team.

Our programmes focus on developing your knowledge, skills and key behaviours. These wider social, technical, demographic and cultural factors are essential components for your effective leadership. We see these as ever more important in today’s fast-changing agile working environment.

Triangulation is a powerful technique that facilitates validation of data through cross verification from two or more sources.




The alignment gaps in your culture, structure, systems and leadership today against your future strategy.


An organisational development intervention to build your capacity and capabilities to move forward.


A customised solution for leadership & team development to meet the goals we've identified together.


The results and outcomes to measure your progress to be at the forefront of your current and future challenges.

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Pelorus Consulting's consultant team works in and outside the UK and has skills, expertise and experience across a broad range of business sectors. We bring a deep and insightful understanding of the market trends and competitive forces affecting Professional Services Firms. We have the knowledge and experience to help your firm introduce innovative new business and operating models. We partner with Professional Services Firms and consulting companies to frame leadership strategy, generate deep insight, and co-create solutions, all while building strong relationships and measuring the impact of our work together.

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Pelorus Consulting is lead by Business Psychologist Jack Broadley. An expert change consultant, certified executive coach, and thought-provoking facilitator, he has worked with IBM, Coutts, Lloyds of London, Bain Consulting, Duke CE, NBC Universal, Samsung, BAe, Google and Roche.

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Pelorus represents discovery, development & direction